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March 2021
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1953 Zwitter 3 Fold Ragtop

I was start this project in 2019 December.
I found this 53 in OSAKA.
This 53 is import from CA, USA in 1990. then she was sleeping long time in euro car shop warehouse.
missing engine, body parts, ragtop parts... I bought engine, front and rear fenders, front hood, Decklid, front and rear aprons, ragtop parts.... and more. I spent too much money.
I've made a lot of vw show cars in the past, but this is my last work. I’m getting old. 555...!! I’ll be show winner with this 53 in this year.

My first car is 1972 beetle.
It was about 35 years ago.
At that time it was still cheap.
I bought it 100,000JPY =30,000THB.
When I was young, I didn't have much money and bought a cheap and cute beetle.
So I refer to the cool vw I saw at the vw car show 35 years ago.
all of I made VW show car is look like a 80s Japanese Cal Look style. you know, right?

1953 zwitter 3 fold ragtop
• L227 stratosilver • 1641cc engine with weber 40IDF dual.
• Long axle conversion. • Porsche 911 headlight.
• CB performance Lowdown spindle. • Valley Autowerks 4" narrowed beam.
• Airkewld Bad series front disk brake. • JER★FEB adjustable rear spring plate.
• Single master cylinder for type2. • F:EMPI short shock, R:TOXIC Pro comp.
• Flat4 911 style full chrome. • F:4.5J, 155/60-15, R:6.0J 195/60-15
• Vintage Speed ABARTH type muffler. • VDO royal cockpit gauges
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Thank​ you​ for​ Takayoshi Yamakata


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