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December 2006
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Thank u very much for giving me a good consideration.

I bought this VW since about Jul 2004 for 60,000bath from Countryside of Vientiane ( it's White colour n' too old ) but that time i have no any knowledge for VW, my close friend's Pankham who has experience for VW told me this old VW is very expensive compare to da quality...

So 5 months later i sent it to the Local VW Garage spent about 170,000bath to make up all n' 29,000bath for engine modify, take almost 1 year to completed.

The payment r hight b cuz there'r almost every parts i bought from the VW's Shop which order from Thailand ( Tia's VW Garage ).
It's VW1300, 1967-68 something??? but i like VW Ta-Van ( Sweet Eyes ) so i change all 4 Faces Front-Back n' also Hood-Rear Decklid, then change da colour from white to Black-Green Gold ( i make this colour just b cuz nobody in Laos have this colour before and it's go well together, in Laos normally VW's only one color )

In da year 2003 April there's the Water Festival ( Song-Kran ) in Vientane-Laos same as Thailand,
There'r 22 VWs came to my Beer Garden that's make me fall in love with (o\_l_/o) hehe!

In soon future i hope to Update my engine to 1600cc
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