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August 2006
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Thank you for giving my bug a chance to be on Top of the month. My bug is the 1966 model. I got it in April this year. I have been told that my bug was a racing car (evidencing by the RAAT sticker on the windshield).

However, the racing engine was replaced by the original engine before selling it to me. The original engine has already been modified to 1600cc at the time I bought it. The previous owner tried to make my bug a Cal Look by putting lots of stuffs into my bug such as American bucket seats, a Geneberg shift, a gauges set, a Phatboy muffler, American Eagle five spokes wheels with 185/55 Goodyear front tyres and Yokohama 195/60 for the back, a leather steering wheel (like your white racing bug).

However, I felt that it was a bit Cow Look (with short legs) rather than a Cal Look since it was totally loaded. It couldn't even climb up to my garage or a parking building. Right after I bought it, I asked Showtime to lift the tail up but left the nose down as it was. I also started restoring it from the bottom of its body to every part of the engine at Showtime.

The extra stuffs that I later on put in to the bug are as follows: a stock E brake handle, a new 34 pict-3 Pierburg carburetor, a new air cleaner (Empi), a new Bruck German vacuum advance (SVDA) distributor, Empi ignition wire set (pink color), Empi 3.5 QT oil sump, Empi billet aluminum roller gas pedal, a new 70's Classic wood steering wheel (limited edition), Empi headlight eyebrows, Empi logo plate, new sun visors (very costly), a new air horn, a new back light, a new gas cap, a left outside mirror and my birthday-gift clock. The original blue fan shroud has been repainted to black.

I try to increase my bug's performance and to make it suitable for an everyday use with less gas consumption and less trouble for constant adjustment or modification that's why I decided to put in the new carb and distributor (original types).

My next project is to put in a stereo set and an Empi dual attenna with an Empi ball and ladybird floor mats. I also plan to put a rain cover inside my back deck lid so that I'll have no trouble driving or parking in a heavy rain. I prefer to let the deck lid open since it offers a racer look and allows me to retain my big air compressor. My bug also gives me a feeling of being a racer. I tend to drive much much faster with my bug than I do with other cars. Well, in this case, the longer I have her or be with her, the shorter my life is Ha-ha.

Please add my gratitude to all of the Showtime staffs who are very friendly and my best wishes to all the bug owners. I have made lots of friends driving a bug and hope everyone does so.
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